New Eastside Intermediate School (4-8)

New East Side Intermediate Schoolas of 8/20/12 District is negotiating for property, 1900 Milwaukee Rd

Building Highlights
Grades 4-8
Capacity: 650 Students

  • Two Floors
  • Separate entrances, drop-off areas, and wings for Grades 4-6 and 7-8
  • Expanded off-street drop-off area and expanded parking
  • Expanded kitchen to serve as production center for meals for East side primary schools
  • Added Cafeteria
  • Structure designed to allow as much natural light as possible
  • Separate spaces for art, music and electives
  • Intervention rooms
  • Gymnasium allows for multiple class use, bleacher seating for events
  • Secure Entrance Vestibule
  • Air conditioning
  • Maintenance Repairs to increase efficiency and safety

Academic Advantages of Intermediate Schools

  • Research based-intermediate schools proven more effective than middle schools
  • An additional student transition is eliminated
  • Families have five years of sustained relationships with principals and stafff
  • More efficient use of district resources such as specialists, technology
  • Additional grade sections allows for greater collaboration between teachers
  • Fewer students in each grade will allow more participation in sports and activities


New Eastside Intermediate School

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Tuesday March 20, 2012
By Hillary Gavan [email protected]