A Change of Plans

A new change has been made to the plans for the new Intermediate School on the East Side of Beloit.

Due to an inability to make an offer with the property owners by the Milwaukee Road site acrost from Morgan Elementary, the 16 Acre lot will no longer be pursued by the School District.

Instead, the School District is now pursuing a 40 acre site next to Milwaukee Road, Leeson’s Park, and Turtle Creek.  The property is currently owned by the Freitags, and it is believed that the property can be pursued for less than the original site.  Soil analysis of the area is currently underway to determine weather it would be safe to build the school on the new site.

If the property is purchased, a million tons of fill would be required to raise the site out of the flood plain. Construction would be able to begin in 6 to 8 months.  More information shall be brought out on the development of the Intermediate School Site.