Referendum Fact of the Day #23You're doing well academically – why change?

Yes, the School District has posted some of the best gains in the state per WCER (Wisconsin Center for Educational Research at UW-Madison), is being recognized statewide and nationally for instructional programs and academic results, being copied for our community partnerships, and boasts highly recognized fine arts programs.

The question being asked now: why change?

Why change middle schools to intermediate schools?

Because we can do even better. Primary schools will remain primary schools (though Pre-K will be added). However, we need to change from the middle school configuration that is failing students nationwide.

With intermediate schools, grades 4-8, we are looking to eliminate a school transition, and create a more nurturing environment. This “elemiddle” culture will return sixth graders to a model of one teacher for core classes, keep grades 7-8 separate from grades 4-6, and allow for sustained relationships between students/families with teachers/staff.

Besides deserving functional buildings with enough classroom space, our students also deserve the best educational configuration to help them prepare for high school and beyond.