Referendum Fact of the Day #20Referendum an Economic Development Project

The School District of Beloit referendum is designed to boost student achievement by changing the middle school model (failing nationwide) to a well-researched intermediate school climate (resources available at the bottom of the Beloit School District referendum page), fixing buildings while expanding classroom space for instruction/ interventions and music/art, and building in savings through remodeling and consolidation in order to keep class sizes small and staffed with highly qualified teachers. All worthy of a world-class District that is gaining momentum with rising test scores, state and national achievements and variety of programs to serve a richly diverse population with richly diverse interests.

However, the referendum is more than that. With the ongoing revitalization of Beloit, the community has a chance to let the School District of Beloit’s facilities reflect that image. Millions of dollars will go to local companies for the renovation of our District buildings, the majority of that coming in from outside communities to give our kids and our community equal footing in the educational funding process.

However, the clock is ticking. Interest rates will not stay this low for long. With every 1% rise in interest rates, we stand to pay an additional $7 Million in interest on the referendum.

The time is right for this, and is indeed recognized as an opportunity for economic development, as endorsed by

  • The Greater Beloit Chamber of Commerce
  • The Greater Beloit Economic Development Corporation
  • The Beloit City Council.