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Beloit - We can do this!

Let me do my job?

As I reflect on some of the dynamics of what we are asking… or denying our school board, administration, teachers and students I cannot help but reflect on my own life experiences. I think we likely all do. We filter new situations and considerations through the lens of our own life experiences and observations. So […]

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Educational Opportunities & Sustainable use of Resources

Tail wagging the dog.

Hopefully you’ve reviewed the proposal plans and supporting documents. You can find these on the school district website. It’s been reported on repeatedly. There have been many in-person presentations throughout the community for as many as possible and for any groups who have asked. There have been extensive efforts to try and reach out to […]

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Beloit Referendum? I’m Outraged!

We attended an anti-referendum presentation last evening. It was impressive how expansive the list of F.U.D.* assembled and disseminated was. The unfortunate part however is that unless the audience member has the available facts at hand one is left to take all of it at face value. The referendum is indeed a large effort. There […]

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Middle School Breaks Relationship Links

4-8 schools… why?

I’m not the expert. Just a parent like yourself trying to make sense given available input. What we have is broken: It seems what gets a lot of attention is why 4-8 schools? To start, we need to recognize that the traditional middle school model, as experienced nationally is fundamentally and widely accepted as a […]

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Florida Small School Law

We need smaller neighborhood schools!

So yesterday I had the opportunity to listen to a presentation by the two people championing voting no to the referendum. Oh my gosh…  There’s simply too much to try and cover. Simply too much poor or misguided information and a whole lot of F.U.D. thrown in to alarm people and call into question the […]

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Home for sale

Referendum? Heck no!

Heard a great one yesterday. Reinforces my impression that folks are not fully thinking this through.Yesterday I  heard someone declare… “We’re not voting for the referendum. We don’t have kids in school. In fact we’re looking to sell our home.”Perfect I say! You should absolutely vote for the referendum. Know why? You’re selling your home […]

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Monday Quarterbacking

I’ve read charges about how the proposal has been presented without the community being more fully aware. I think the time line presented closes that issue. This has been in the works for years now. Those involved in the shaping of it have, or should have been aware all along. Shame on them if they… (continue reading)

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