Beloit You Came Through For Your Kids - You Came Through For Your Community

For those still interested to know
we offer the following.

All the way to the last we are dedicated to trying to help inform our community on the facts of the proposed school referendum.

Indeed, it is a LOT to consider so it is absolutely understandable that there would be many questions.

While we can all form different or even opposing conclusions given the same facts and information there remains much expressed misunderstanding around many of the facts of the matter.



We’re simply a group of community members joined together volunteering to help provide information for Beloit community residents on matters concerning the school district.

We feel that if the public has the fullest possible information available on the numerous benefits the proposed plans will bring to our children and our community that there will be overwhelming support.

We’re working to add as much information as we can for you to make an informed decision. We’ll be updating the site with additional information as we’re able to share with you.

We encourage you to explore the information provided so far and join us as we IMAGINE BELOIT!
Thank you.


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See also the Beloit School District Page for information on the referendum